How to Eat…Videos

Some of Mike’s most popular videos on how to eat interesting and diverse foods…

Veg Out With Mike Vids

As a vegetarian, Mike is always looking for tasty, veggie-friendly recipes. He created this cooking series to support vegan and vegetarian comfort foods that taste great and are good for you too.

Mike’s Music Videos

Please enjoy some original music and covers that Mike has recorded.

What is…Videos

Ever wonder what something is? Mike wonders too, and created these “what is…” videos.

Funny Videos

Mike is all about health and motivation, inspiration and nutrition. But he loves to make people laugh, too! Check some of his funniest videos!

How to…Videos

Ever wonder how to do something? Mike has a bunch of how-to vids that may help.

Inspirational Videos

Mike’s not just about health, nutrition, weight loss, and how to vids. He has lots of videos that inspire and help to change your life for the better. Here are some of them…peace.

Balance Videos

We all have lots to do with little time to do it all…or do we? Mike produced these videos to help.

Killer Vids

Please enjoy Mike’s How to Make Killer recipes…these are good ingredients that he enjoys that taste great…while not being as healthy as Mike usually promotes. Check them out….peace

Mike’s Maui Vids

Mike is fortunate enough to visit Maui often. He loves to discover new foods while enjoying the aloha spirit. Here are some of his many discoveries…peace, aloha and mahalo…

Mike’s Cooking Vids

Check out some of the fun, delicious, and healthy cooking videos Mike has produced over the years. Offer up some suggestions of some you would like to see in the future. Enjoy!

Why Eat…Videos

Mike showcases many foods that are healthy and delicious…and why you should eat them often.

Eat Eggs!

Why? Because they are delicious, versatile, and healthier for you than you may think. These videos will help convince you. Peace…

Mike’s Sandwich Shop

Enjoy Mike’s sandwiches here! They range from veggie to vegan to killer, but all have the same common theme: they taste delicious!

Cooking with Mom

Cooking videos with my mom. Home recipes that I grew up with. The hope is that this will become an ongoing series that showcases fun, family, downhome cooking in an entertaining and educational way.

Beer and Wine Tips

Mike offers his tips and helpful inspirations to his favorite beers and wines and how to enjoy them to the fullest…peace

Mike’s Mexican Munchies!

Mike loves Mexican food! This playlist has all of his spicy and tasty recipes, inspired by his love for this south of the border fare.

Vegan Recipes

Mike loves all foods, from vegetarian to fish and vegan. It’s complicated, but while he is not a strict vegan or vegetarian, he tries to eat healthy all the time. These vegan recipes rock, check ’em out.

Italian Cuisine

Mike loves Italian food. These videos and recipes are near and dear to his heart…and stomach. Please enjoy and let him know what you think. Peace…

Heath and Nutritional Videos

Mike talks about the healthiest and most nutritional foods to eat to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. Check em out and enjoy…peace

Self-Help Videos

Mike loves offering advice and helping people change their lives for the better. These videos may help you…peace.

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