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long time no chat

yes it has been awhile


i can blame too much work but that would be cliche…

i could say that apathy has played a role…

but that would be too sad

how about blaming it on the holidays?

those dreadful daze are always a good target…


you bet, lots of it…


ditto that…

bottom line:

if this is a daily blog than write daily dammit

so here goes…

my latest killer dish is an awesome chicken and olive recipe

loaded with:

free range chicken tenders
black and green olives
diced tomatoes
onion and garlic
seasoned with paprika
fresh cilantro
black pepper
and topped with shaved Parm cheese

this baby may not be vegan…or veg

but it is lean protein and low carb…

a killer diller combo…

check it out:


mike is eating more lean protein and is no longer a vegetarian or pecatarian…


but he is losing weight and eating better…


until next time…