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Mike is all about health and motivation, inspiration and nutrition. But he loves to make people laugh, too! Check some of his funniest videos!

Mike demonstrates how to eat a hot jalapeno pepper. Does he burn his mouth? Watch and laugh to find out. Caliente!!http://www.livelife365.com/

Believe it or not, back in the day, Mike used to have long, flowing hair. At times, he misses it, and one day he sat down and wrote a song about his lament. This is that song and music video. Please enjoy…

Download the mp3:

I Miss My Hair 

When I was a kid
My dad made me wear a crew cut
I hated that buzz
And when I grew up
I vowed that I’d wear my hair long
And I did…long flowing hair
Well, I like it. I loved it

Then I got a job
And they made me cut my hair
Then I got a wife, a kid, and some bills
And then my life was filled with despair
And at night I cried in my pillow
‘Cause when I woke up my hair was still there
And in the shower I’m soaking my brain
And I’m waving bye-bye to my hairs
Going down the drain


Well, I miss my hair
It used to be there
Now I’m as bald as a baby’s behind
I say I don’t care
But just between you and I
Sometimes at night I cry
Why me, Lord?
Are you just bored?
Why don’t you focus on the hungry and poor?
You gotta have better things to do with your time
Than to bust my balls
I miss my hair

Back in the day
I used to wear a ponytail
Now I couldn’t say
If this made me cool or not
But at least it was a start
I liked it a lot
But when I took off the rubber band
Man, there was a knot
A big hairy knot
Of what once was my hair


Now my hair seems to grow on its own
The problem is it just avoids my head
I have think ones, thin ones, little gray curly ones everywhere
In my ears, on the tip of my nose
All over my chest, in between my toes
My shoulders look like a grizzly bear’s back
And please don’t ask me about those hairs
Growing out of my crack!


Mike demonstrates the proper way to drink wine…ah, maybe not. Have a laugh, and some resveratrol, on him.http://livelife365.blogspot.com/2010/…http://www.livelife365.com/Mike_s_Boo…

Funny how-to video. Not the best way to deal with a very sore shoulder.

Mike digs out an old funny vid he produced a few years ago to offer up some chuckles. Enjoy a laugh at his expense…and learn.

Outtakes from Mike’s Cooking with Mom Video on how to cook Marinara Sauce. Please enjoy the often very funny give and take between mother and son in this humorous, yet still very educational and healthy, video. Peace…

From the livelife365.com archives…Funny look at social networking, the old fashioned way – by telephone.http://livelife365.blogspot.com/

First installment of a funny new “How-to” series. This one should actually be called, “What NOT to say to a woman.” Enjoy!

Children? Hey, this video of Mike would embarrass anyone, especially him. Watch at your own risk. http://livelife365.blogspot.com/2010/…

Mike gives his take on the myriad names one famous person goes by.

Mike writes a musical letter to the Fed Chief, Ben Bernanke, offering some suggestions to help fix the economy. http://livelife365.blogspot.com/2010/…

Mike loves visiting Maui, but sometimes rules need to be reiterated to those idiots who do not visit condos as often as he. Here they are, with a touch of satire and irony…

Rules of Oceanside Condo Etiquette

1. Shut up! If for some unknown reason you think that your voice is more important and compelling and needs to be heard over the soothing and meditative roar of the ocean, you need to visit a doctor specializing in mental health. Again, for those hard of hearing or just challenged because your nasal twang of ignorance is imbedded in their ear, SHUT UP!

2. Shut up! If for some reason you didn’t understand the above rule, I must reiterate that you need to stop talking. And really, really stop talking so loud as to permeate my lanai. If you really need to express yourself with loud adjectives and inane adverbs, do so in the rear bowels of your condo, with the hope that your piercing and annoying voice still does not penetrate and violate those of us sitting and reading in hopeful quietude.

3. Again, Shut the Frig up! Do you really think that you need to discuss your so important business on your smart phone on your lanai? Utilizing the speaker phone? So all of us losers can understand how important you are with a nod toward how truly tiny your miniscule penis must be? Come on, Mister CEO, do us all a favor and shove that cell up your butt and relax and enjoy the scenery.

4. This may sound redundant, but: SHUT UP!! Do you really need to stand on the grass and yell up three floors to your significant other discussing what he/she needs to do next on this gradually turning to hell vacation? Really? Or you, Mister douchbag on the top floor lanai, screaming down to your spouse what coral reefs appear best for snorkeling? If I have not been clear before, may I just now suggest shutting the hell up?

5. And for those that are hearing impaired (not that there’s anything wrong with that), ahem, please shut up? Your loud and obnoxious soirée beside the barbeque, with the booze and screaming and oh, so, frigging funny jokes, is meant for few others to enjoy…meaning – ONLY YOU! No one else gives a rat’s ass about any of your banal word play or endless meandering stories…so, please, for all of us…shut the hell up!

There are other rules, most as obvious as a zit on the tip of your nose, like:

Your kid is not as cute as you think it is, so try to refrain from allowing it to act like a monkey
don’t smoke…anywhere!!!
don’t slam your door
Just because you can’t sleep, giving that your ten hour time difference is running havoc with your inner clock, do not think we all want to hear your b.s. at five a.m.
Your perfume is not as alluring as you may think it is, so stop sharing it with us
Put more clothes on
Turn your TV off – is anything on that idiot box more interesting than what’s outside your window? If you answer yes to the above, jump off your lanai, please.

While extolling the virtues of a high-fiber diet, Mike runs into some issues. A shorter version. http://livelife365.blogspot.com/2009/…

Mike tries to understand today’s slang expressions.

Mike extols the virtues and amazing health benefits of drinking green tea in his newest music video. Loaded with antioxidants and known to help fight cancer, diabetes, and help you lose weight, green tea rocks…so does this song!

Uploaded on Apr 20, 2008
A humorous take on this year’s
too-close-to-call presidential primary contest.

Mike’s newest original song and music video, “We Could Change the World…if We Wanted To,” is all about changing yourself and in turn changing the world for the better. The song, video, and book suggest dozens of ways that we can make a difference with:
o Obesity
o Poverty
o Hunger
o Global Warming
o Overconsumption
o Pollution
o Prejudice
o Health Issues
o Smoking

To learn more about how you could change the world for the better, visit:


Buy the signed limited edition: http://shop.livelife365.com/We-Could-…

Read the Kindle version: http://www.amazon.com/Could-Change-Wo…

Download the song: https://play.google.com/store/music/a….


Would you change your life?
Could you do what’s right?
If we could change
The way that we live
We could change the world

All it takes is time
An altered state of mind
But if we look
The other way
It may be too late

Will you do all that it takes?
Would you try and fix the mistakes?
Won’t you…change your mind?

We could change the world
If we wanted to
If we don’t change the way that we live
It may be too late

I hope we’re not too late!

Will you try and open your eyes?
You’re so blind, you just don’t even try
Can’t you…see the light?

We could change the world
If we wanted to
If we don’t change the way that we are
It may be too late

I hope we’re not too late!





Mike performs his acoustic guitar version of “Bad Things,” by Jace Everett from the hit HBO series “True Blood.” http://www.livelife365.blogspot.com/ http://www.livelife365.com/Mike_s_Boo…

Mike performs “The Christmas Song” with a heavy heart, as thoughts and prayers are with the victims and family of the tragedy in Connecticut. The holiday season is a time for folks to reflect and embrace all that is positive and good in their lives, no matter what stands in the way of doing so. Livelife365 reflects that desire to live one’s life every day in every way to its fullest. It is up to us to work on changing the world for the better, no matter how sad and impossible it may seem at times.

Season’s greetings and happy holidays from livelife365…




Mike gives this Neil Young classic a try, high-pitched twang and all.

My acoustic version of one of my favorite Coldplay songs from their Viva la Vida CD.

Mike performs his acoustic version of Neil Young’s great song, “Tell Me Why.” Check it out and let him know what you think.

One night, while working on a blog post, Mike needed a break and decided to surf the net. He discovered dozens of social networking sites, stayed up all night, and wrote this song.

Social Networking Blues (lyrics)

It was getting late
I needed a break
From writing my latest blog.

So I surfed the net
To see what I could get
Amazed at all I found.

There was so much stuff
That I had to share
And this is how it all went down

I went to:
MySpace, YouTube, Metacafe
Friendster, Facebook, Magnolia
Tumbler, Zillow, MybogLog
And don’t forget Blogcatalog.

Wink, Yelp, Furl
Gimme a thumbs up.
Kiva, Bebo
What the heck is Jumpcut?

Why don’t you Stumble it
Put it in the Mixx
Give a shout and a Tweet
And say that you Reddit.

Fav on Technorati
Tell me it was Delicious.
If I give you a Digg
Would you add me to your blog list?

I checked out:
Blogline, Netvibes, Iowa Ave
Entrecard, Ximmy and Zimbio
Google, Yahoo
Tell me I’m LinkedIn.

Flickr, Jaiku
What was I thinking?
Bumpzee, Feedjit, and Delirious
Soundclick, Imeem, and Gravatar
Linkswarm, Smarking, Zorpia, Pownce, LastFM and Active Rain!


I went to: Newsvine, Tailrank, Funnyordie, Fark and Simpy
I’ll give ’em a try.
Slashdot, Blinklist, Misterwong, Backflip, Spurl
This list is too long!

Blogmarks,Twitter, and Multiply
Propeller, Ask
I’m gonna cry!
Linkagogo, MSN and Netvouz
I’m about to lose my mind

I need livelife365!
That’s my site
Check it out.
And then please


Oh, twitter, twitter, twittering my night away
I’m Stumbling my life away.
Digg, digg, digging my day away
I need livelife365!

My acoustic cover of the great Coldplay song.

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