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Mike Foster, the creator of the popular self-help video website, livelife365.com, wants to change the world for the better—and he wants you to help. It all starts with each of us understanding that one person can make a difference, a difference that could change the world. “We Could Change the World…if We Wanted To,” offers dozens of practical, commonsense ways that can help change the world for the better. He offers simple solutions: like being kinder to others and more accountable to yourself; as well as addressing major issues like global warming and obesity. Making the world a better place is an obligation that all of us own, one that if ignored, could be a disaster waiting to happen. The good news: we CAN change the world…if we really want to. We just need to embrace the prospect of changing certain behaviors, starting with self, and spread those positive changes worldwide. This book is a start, a roadmap that could help change the world…for the better. Please join Mike in his efforts to continue to change himself so that we all contribute to changing the world. Peace… 

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livelife365 (the book!) can show you how to:

  •   lose weight (Mike lost over 40 pounds in 6 months)
  •   eat healthier
  •   live longer
  •   be happier
  •   reduce stress
  •   find the motivation to do all of the above
  •   enjoy life everyday
  •   embrace and pursue all of your dreams and reach your goals
  •   change your life for the better!


One of the most popular self-help video websites on the Internet, livelife365 has helped hundreds of thousands of people change their lives for the better. From health, fitness, nutritional and weight loss tips, to inspirational, motivational, personal development programs, livelife365 works. All done with Mike Foster’s down-home, common sense, humorous take on life.

Livelife365, every day in every way.

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What readers are saying about livelife365:

“He tells his story of how his life and health were horrendous, and self-destructive, and how he turned it all around.  Today he looks great, feels great, has energy and probably added YEARS to his life!

I just love a good story of people overcoming so much and getting it together to help others to do the same.  And he DOES.  His book is like his blog, filled with wonderful information anyone can use to improve their own health and vitality adding years to their lives as well!

It is not just the foods that Mike talks about that are healthy either.  His philosophies are!  All of this comes from a person who learned it all the hard way.  In my opinion, that is the best of all teachers, those who lived it and who KNOW.
Experiencing a turnaround in your own life makes for a powerful advocate for helping others change too – and Mike does a great job of that.  From following his blog I know he has helped a lot of people live healthier lives.  (By the way, he even printed one of my comments in the back of his book – thanks Mike!  You probably thought I wouldn’t notice it, haha)

He offers sage advice on motivation, goal setting and spirituality.  This is an all-around, helpful, inspiring,  full of goodness kind of book, written by a guy with those same qualities.”

 ~ SuZen Blake  Today’s Path

“The book was great. I’ve read it twice. I have been in chronic pain for 3 and a half years due to a nerve condition in my feet so, as you may guess, I have been pretty miserable. I am always searching for sources of inspiration and ways to improve my overall well-being. I developed a lot of positive energy from reading your book and have adopted many of the habits you discuss. For instance, I am now a daily green tea drinker and have opened my mind to a lot more exotic fruits and vegetables that I never would have tried before. I am still working on the positive thinking (which is difficult when you are always in pain), but I have faith that I can pull it off.

Thanks again for the motivational words of wisdom and all of the hard work you’ve put into livelife365.”

~ Chris S.

“The book tells the incredible journey of a man who lost forty pounds in six months. The premise of the book is for the reader to start living your life every day in every way. Foster is comical and engaging. The way he explains his triumph is encouraging and it is so natural to relate to him through his words that it makes the reader want to celebrate with him in his victory.”  

~ Leslie B.    worthymarketinggroup

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