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Mike’s not just about health, nutrition, weight loss, and how to vids.  He has lots of videos that inspire and help to change your life for the better.  Here are some of them…peace.

If you want to have a better life, practice compassion. If you want others to have a better life…that’s right…practice compassion. On this walk and talk, Mike discusses the vital benefits of practicing compassion daily. Peace…

Mike takes a walk and talks about the importance of constantly stepping up your goals and taking it to the next level. If you want to do all that you need to do in this life, to be all that you have to be you have to keep raising the bar. Peace.

One from Mike’s archives, this is a walk and talk all about the importance of forgiving, admitting mistakes, making the first move to recovery, and relieving the pressures of guilt, failure, and negative energy. If you wish to remove that weight on your shoulders and feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually, watch this video and…LIFT THAT BURDEN!!

Mike’s latest walk and talk is all about performing. How do you get power out of your performance? Effort, bringing your A game daily, never giving up, staying positive, and understanding that you need to do all of the above to succeed. Perform, and you will get the power. Peace…

Mike takes a walk and talks about how life is a struggle. While there are lots of wonderful things in life, quite often it is difficult, and how we deal with these challenges and adversities shape us and make our lives what they are. No matter the struggle, we have the power within us to choose: embrace it or…not. Peace.

Mike takes an inspirational walk and talks about the healthy benefits of being positive versus negative, seeing the glass half full by being optimistic rather than pessimistic. Do you know it is proven to be healthier to see the good verses the bad, the bright instead of the dark? Think about it and stay upbeat and fresh. Peace…

Mike takes a walk and talks about being calm, peaceful, relaxed, and finding his tranquility. And asks you where you find yours? We all need to find our happy place, our place to escape and chill…our tranquility. Tranquility is a state of being calm and at peace. Aaaahhh…sounds wonderful. Until next time…peace….

Mike takes a walks and talks about people he has admired throughout his life that have shaped and changed him…for the better. Who do you feel fits into that category…who do you admire?

Mike takes a walk and talks about…life. And the importance of living in the moment and not wishing your life away, not dreaming about Friday on Monday, five o’clock at eight. We have in ourselves the power to embrace whatever we want, and that includes how we deal with life, time, existence…so…DON’T WISH YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE AWAY.

No matter how difficult life gets, we still need to “turn the page.” Mike takes a walk and talks about how to overcome some of life’s challenges and adversities by turning the page and living life 365. peace,

Mike takes a walk and talks about life. Where do you stand in the scheme of things? Are you doing okay? Are you lost? Or are you found? A deep and informative video that will change your life…for the better. Peace.

Mike takes a walk and talks about the importance of looking past one’s initial feelings and digging deeper into what the other person may be trying to do. Assuming positive intent is one way of reaching across the table and meeting halfway into someone’s mind. Think about it…peace.

Mike offers his suggestions on how to deal with all that life offers by Fostering it! When life offers you lemons – Foster it! No matter what it is, life will challenge you at times, it is during those times when you need to: FOSTER IT!

Mike takes a walk and talks about how he love visiting the ocean and rediscovering its soothing and healing powers. Please enjoy this archived video from 2009 of Mike embracing and enjoying and reinvigorating, relaxing, and loving the pull and allure of the Pacific ocean. Peace…

No matter what life tosses your way, good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative, we can always look at life in a good way. Choose positive and remember:

Mike is driven, has many goals and successes. But he dosen’t stop there. He strives to achieve more and more all the time. Where are you on the achievement elevator?

Mike takes a walk and talks about his goals, not only for this year, but daily, weekly, and monthly. Seeking better balance in all aspects of his life is one of them. What are yours?

Mike takes a walk and talks about life. How it can sometimes seem chaotic and without meaningful sense. While others time rewarding and purposeful.
“paradox: a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true…”
Your comments and opinions always welcome.

Mike takes a walk and talks about how to embrace change, living life each day…enjoying the journey, the moment – The Process. Dealing with life one moment at a time is a way of not allowing too many distractions or issues to get in the way of living. How do you enjoy the process? Your life?

Mike takes a walk and talks about the things he does to escape from the daily grind…like taking a tranquil walk. Hobbies, meditation, traveling are some other ways he gets away from it all. What is your escape?

ike’s newest original song and music video, “We Could Change the World…if We Wanted To,” is all about changing yourself and in turn changing the world for the better. The song, video, and book suggest dozens of ways that we can make a difference with:
o Obesity
o Poverty
o Hunger
o Global Warming
o Overconsumption
o Pollution
o Prejudice
o Health Issues
o Smoking

To learn more about how you could change the world for the better, visit:

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Download the song:


Would you change your life?
Could you do what’s right?
If we could change
The way that we live
We could change the world

All it takes is time
An altered state of mind
But if we look
The other way
It may be too late

Will you do all that it takes?
Would you try and fix the mistakes?
Won’t you…change your mind?

We could change the world
If we wanted to
If we don’t change the way that we live
It may be too late

I hope we’re not too late!

Will you try and open your eyes?
You’re so blind, you just don’t even try
Can’t you…see the light?

We could change the world
If we wanted to
If we don’t change the way that we are
It may be too late

I hope we’re not too late!





Mike takes a drive and talks about how blessed he feels with his life…and how he is empathic to others who may not have as much as some of us. How blessed do you feel?

Good question. Mike discusses the things that makes him happy, that keeps him going,and completes him as a person. Think about it: what makes you happy?

Mike talks about the importance of enjoying life in the moment, while reflecting on those things that make that life what it is.

Mike takes a walk and talks about inspiration. How we all have more inside us of what it takes to do amazing things. To quote Thomas Edison:
“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Mike asks what you would do if you didn’t have to work for a living, had all the money you needed, and could dictate your dream life. What is YOUR dream life?

Mike talks about the importance of perseverance, of seeing any task or goal through to the end…of never, ever, no matter the odds, giving up. Whatever roadblock or bump in the road that stands in your way, there is always effort and the ability to will yourself forward and never give up….until you attain what you are after…peace.

Mike loves to read. Mike loves books. Mike actually enjoys putting together bookcases. Why? Because when you do something basic and productive, it makes you feel good. Besides, where else can he house his book collection?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult and often devastating. But you CAN cope with death, you just need to understand how to grieve. Mike discusses several ways he has dealt with loss over the years and how he can help you cope with death.

We may not be able to change a lot of what happens with our lives, but we can control how we deal with it. Mike offers his take on how to deal, successfully, with whatever life offers you.

When all else fails, look at the natural beauty of life. Hope this sunset helps get you to the next place you strive to be…or just the next day.

Sometimes life seems so overwhelming that you are often frozen with anxiety….and do nothing. Mike discusses simple ways to attack your tasks…one step at a time to achieve your goals one thing at a time.

Life always tosses us problems, lots of them we can do little about. But we have control on how we react. Sometimes, it’s better to laugh and learn.

Living in the moment, the here and now, is not always easy, but it’s the best way to live life.

Amazing sunsets and stunning rainbows…aloha from Maui…peace…

Life is short, don’t waste it. This time, right now, is YOUR time on earth. Mike talks about the importance of doing all you can do to ensure that during your brief time alive you understand that each day is precious, and each life more so.

I always say, if you’re doing something you don’t want to do…then don’t! Life is too short to read bad books, or watch bad films, or eat bad food. We only live one life, for a short amount of time, why not do what you want to do?
Life’s too short to not live it to its fullest.

Mike does certain healthy, happy, spiritual, physical things every day that help him live a healthy, fulfilled, long and happy life. Check them out and let him know if you do the same. Or if he left any out.

We all make mistakes sometimes…the key is to learn from them, grown, forgive, and move on…heal. Mike offers his words of wisdom on a touchy subject.

“Life is the definition of imperfection.” Life is both suffering and magnificent beauty, it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Like is full of routines, it is sometimes boring and trite, yet can also be fulfilling and…interesting. Is yours?

In a heartfelt video, Mike implores all of us to look inside our hearts and souls and give to those less fortunate. Open your wallets, your minds, your spirits and your souls. Peace…

On the nineteenth anniversary of the passing of his father, Mike reflects on his old man’s life…and offers some insights on death.

To change ourselves we have to start by losing self. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Mike explains how he does it.

Mike discusses the many ways he locates his inner peace, discovers what calms and soothes him, and, as always, shares with you how to find your own.

Mike always closes his videos with one word: “peace.” In celebration of today, September 21, 2009, World Peace Day, he created this montage of his “peace” closings.

Mike responds to an email from a confused young livelife365 visitor, who asks the question: Does it really matter what we do each day since we’re all going to die anyway?

Sometimes all it takes is a few days away from whatever ails you. And other times it’s more complicated than that. For Mike, a quick trip to the coast, where he could relax and think about some things, did the trick. How about you?

Ahhhhh…the title says it all. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make us feel better.

In this inspiring video, Mike talks about how something as simple as hope can change not only your life, but the world.

Have you ever had a near-death experience, like those lucky survivors of the “miracle on the Hudson”? Mike has.
Learn what he learned from it.

No matter how difficult life seems, at times, never, ever give up. Better days may be just around the corner.

Never give up on your dreams. But don’t quit your day job. Mike talks about the need to follow your dreams, but without sabotaging your life.

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