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Please enjoy some of Mike’s most popular videos on how to eat interesting and diverse foods…

Mike shows how simple and easy it is to eat this delicious vegetable. Beets are not only versatile, but very healthy for you. Eat ’em raw or cooked, beets rock.

Fresh, easy to eat and delicious, kohlrabi is in season now and Mike discuses how to eat it. Steamed, in a slaw or soup, baked or sliced in a salad, kohlrabi, a member of the cabbage family, is amazing.

Mike’s latest how to eat vid is a low carb way to get your Italian pasta fix. Spaghetti squash is just like eating pasta…without the guilt. Loaded with potassium, fiber, and vitamins, this is an amazing way to get your pasta and eat it too. Fast, simple and easy to make…peace.

Pomelo is a cross between a grapefruit and a…not really sure? But this delicious tropical citrus fruit is definitely worth the effort. It takes Mike a bit to cut through the thick rind to discover this fruits wonderful, healthy and tasty insides. Check it out. Peace…

What is cherimoya? It is a fruit grown in warm weather climates that looks like a cross between an avocado and hand grenade. Mike loves to try different foods all the time and this one tastes run from similar to banana, pineapple, papaya, and peach. Also called the ice cream fruit or bubble gun fruit.

Aloha from Maui…Mike shows how simple and easy it is to eat cactus fruit, also known as prickly pear, cactus fig, and tuna. Loaded with vitamin C and high in fiber, this tasty fruit is worth trying. Mahalo…

Mike chats about the best way to eat this popular food. Cabbage is loaded with healthy antioxidants that assist with weight loss and fight cancer. The best way to eat this cruciforous veggie is raw in salads, coleslaw, and sour kraut…oh, and boiled with corned beef…but being a vegetarian, no my favorite. Bottom line: Eat Cabbage!

Mike shows you how to eat this delicious tropical fruit. Simple and easy to ingest, pineapple guava fruit is not related to either pineapple nor guava…but is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. Aloha…

Mike demonstrates several simple and easy ways to eat one of the healthiest and most popular foods in the world – chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans. Loaded with vegetarian protein and fiber, chickpeas are the basis for hummus and great in curries.

Mike shows how to tell when a melon is ripe and how to eat one. Sharlyn melons are similar to honeydew and cantaloup, high in vitamin C and A, and taste delicious.

Eggplant is a delicious vegetable, loaded with antioxidants. Mike shows the many ways you can eat and enjoy this ancient food, including his favorites: eggplant Parmesan and baba ganoush.

Mike demonstrates how simple and easy it is to eat this tasty fruit. Kumquats are a tangy citrus that look like little oranges but taste nothing like them. Try one today…

Mike demonstrates how to eat this tasty and nutritious vegetable. Also known as vegetable pear, chayote is a versatile and fun food.

Mike demonstrates the best way to make and eat pasta with a fork and spoon. Buon Appetito!

Mike shows how to eat this delicious root vegetable. Daikon can be cooked in stir-fry, shredded and used for a rice substitute for sushi, or raw in salads and pickled.

Mike shares three simple and easy ways to eat grapefruit. This tasty fruit can also help you lose weight.

Everybody knows how to eat this super food, right? Mike shows why you should eat cherries every day, and several ways to enjoy this healthy and delicious fruit.

Mike shows the easiest way to seed and eat this messy, but delicious, fruit. A super food, pomegranate is loaded with antioxidants and deliciously worth the effort.

Simple and easy, right? Mike shows you some tips that may help.

Harvesting and eating these seeds is easier than you may think, Mike offers up some tips to help you get this tasty treat from the field to the plate.

Whenever Mike visits Maui he loads up on the local produce, like papaya. Watch how easy it is to eat one of the healthiest, most nutritional fruits in the world.

When is a pineapple ripe enough to eat? What’s the best way to cut one open? Mike shows you how on his latest how-to video.

Mike fills you in on everything you need to know about kiwifruit, a delicious fruit from the berry family. Psssttt: it’s good for you!

An odd-looking food, passion fruit is very easy to eat. Mike shows you how to cut open and eat this delicious tropical treat. Aloha!

Tangy, crunchy veggies, there are several ways to enjoy radishes.

Very simple, but very tasty, guava is easy to eat and full of healthy stuff. A super food, guava has four times the vitamin C of one orange.

Despite its hairy appearance, rambutan is easy to eat and well worth it. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, this tropical fruit is fun and good for you.

Mike demonstrates how to eat a hot jalapeno pepper. Does he burn his mouth? Watch and laugh to find out. Caliente!!

Mike shows how easy it is to eat this summertime fruit. Enjoy at picnic and holidays, watermelon is a refreshing and delicious treat.

Mike shows a few healthy ways to eat asparagus, a delicious and healthy vegetable. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, asparagus is a healthy veg that goes with just about any main dish.

Mike demonstrates the many ways to eat zucchini, an amazing summer squash. His favorite way to eat is stuffing and baking it. Enjoy!

Mike talks about the best ways to eat this delicious leafy veggie. A cross between spinach and asparagus, malabar is tastes great in salads, in stir fry, and as a tasty side dish.

Mike demonstrates the best ways to eat persimmon. An autumn fruit, persimmon is a delicious, healthy fruit that grows on tress, like apples, and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. Low in calories and high in flavor, enjoy persimmon…

Mike demonstrates how he eats peanuts, shell in all! Peanuts are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and several healthy vitamins and minerals. Nutritional powerhouses, this legume (it’s not really a nut) can help reduce cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, as well as assist in weight loss.

Mike demonstrates the best way to eat a coconut. Be sure to have the proper tools, machete especially, or you may have an arduous struggle ahead…like Mike had. But it is well worth the effort. Coconut is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and potassium…and delicious.

Mike shows how easy it is to eat this amazing super fruit. Dragon fruit is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, while low in calories. Try it today.

Mike shows the easiest, and sourest, way to eat a lemon. Pucker up and swallow.

Mike demonstrates the best way to cut open and eat an avocado. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, avocados are a healthy food.

Mike shows how to eat this very ugly root vegetable. Celery root is actually very tasty and loaded with nutrition. Eat it raw or follow Mike’s simple recipe to make a mashed savory delicious dish.

Mike demonstrates how to eat this delicious and healthy leafy vegetable. Swiss Chard is loaded with vitamins, fiber and iron. Enjoy it in salads or with olive oil and garlic.

Mike shows how easy it is to eat jicama, a crunchy, tasty, and healthy root vegetable. Also known at Mexican turnip,

Everybody loves pizza and have been eating it forever. Mike demonstrates three ways to eat a slice – new york style, Chicago style, with fork and knife, and American style…

Mike demonstrates how to cook and eat kale, a nutritious leafy vegetable loaded with flavor and healthy vitamins and minerals.

Mike shows you a quick and easy way to cut, eat and enjoy mango. Ignore the thumb in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Odd-looking and tough to figure out, Mike shows you the best way to tackle this thorny, thistly, but very tasty, veggie. Oh, and artichoke is very healthy for you. How to eat artichoke? Watch…peace.

Given resent comments about the big bites he takes, Mike offers this montage of monster bites from his recent food videos. Enjoy!

Mike enjoys some big bites with his killer and perfect recipes. Enjoy the massive mastication and don’t hesitate to comment on the size and chew…peace.

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