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Mike talks about the healthiest and most nutritional foods to eat to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. Check em out and enjoy…peace!

Mike’s latest killer sandwich is made with garden fresh eggplant, baked with garlic and olive oil, and served with sauteed onions, garlic and tomatoes. Served over toasted sourdough that is brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with grated Parmesan, this sandwich is delicious.

Fresh, easy to eat and delicious, kohlrabi is in season now and Mike discuses how to eat it. Steamed, in a slaw or soup, baked or sliced in a salad, kohlrabi, a member of the cabbage family, is amazing.

Harvesting and eating these seeds is easier than you may think, Mike offers up some tips to help you get this tasty treat from the field to the plate.

Mike’s latest killer recipe is fast, simple and easy egg and soft boiled tomato sandwich. Served on toasted sourdough bread, infused with fresh garlic and butter, this sandwich is refreshing on a summer’s day.

Mike discusses the importance of stretching, especially your legs. From the ankle and Achilles, up to the calf and knee, all the way up the thigh and hips, stretching before exercise is essential and will save injuries down the road.

Mike’s newest killer sandwich recipe is fast, simple and easy. Made with garden fresh delicious tomatoes, served up on lightly toasted sour dough bread, with a dollop of mayo, some salt and pepper, and topped off with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic and a sprinkle of oregano, this baby rocks…for a vegan alternative, skip the mayo….peace.

A sampling of the assortment of foods Mike has tasted over the past year. All of them are very healthy for you…except those salty, cheesy ones at the end.

Mike takes a walk and breaks a sweat just about every day. You should too! Why? Because exercise is the key to a long, healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Get out and move it…or lose it.

Mike discusses the importance of how eating the right foods effects how you live your life. Broccoli = GOOD. chili fries = BAD.

Mike offers his thoughts about the excellent book “Sugar Nation.” Written by Jeff O’Connell, it explains how diabetes is often misdiagnosed and ignored, but can be overcome through diet and exercise. Read it, it may save your life.

Mike talks about the importance of supporting locally grown foods, like the fresh produce you can find at your farmer’s market. Every Saturday Mike buys his fruits and veggies for the week at the market, you should too.

Cold and flu season? Everybody coughing and sniffling? Worried about catching something? Mike explains how to avoid getting sick, even when you are surrounded by germs and sickness.

Mike is trying to drop those last ten pounds. How about you? Watch and learn how to lose weight by setting goals, eating right, and burning more calories than you ingest. Peace….

Mike does certain healthy, happy, spiritual, physical things every day that help him live a healthy, fulfilled, long and happy life. Check them out and let him know if you do the same. Or if he left any out.

Loaded with vegetable protein, high in important fiber, nutritious and good for you. Made with tomatoes, avocado,olives, cucumbers, zucchini, hearts of palm, and peppers, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Enjoy this delicious and healthy salad that’s a meal in itself.

On his recent vacation on Maui, Mike and his wife volunteered their time helping pull weeds and plant seedlings at an organic farm. It was an inspirational, fulfilling, and amazing day.

On his recent vacation on Maui, Mike and his wife volunteered their time helping pull weeds and plant seedlings at an organic farm. It was an inspirational, fulfilling, and amazing day.

Want to turn your windowsill into a colorful, aromatic, useful garden? Mike shows you how with homegrown herbs: basil, cilantro, parsley, and more.

If you feel dizzy or tired or have a headache or dry mouth while out in the sun, stop what you’re doing and…watch this video.

Sunflowers are beautiful to look at and their seeds are loaded with all kinds of healthy benefits. What’s not to like?

Loaded with antioxidants, this tasty fruit is fun to eat and good for you. What more could you ask for?

There are many theories on how to drop those excess pounds, but only one key. Mike used this method to lose over 40 pounds in six months…and has kept the weight off. Watch, listen, learn…lose.

When Mike returned to the office to work a few days a week (after telecommuting for years), he noticed an alarming trend: lots of snacking!

Bernie interviews Mike about his secret to losing over forty pounds in only six months. Mike’s secret weapon? You guessed it: FIBER! The interview is cut short due to, ah, um, well, better watch to find out.

Who doesn’t love cherries? They’re sweet and tart and fun to eat. But did you know they are loaded with amazing health benefits?

The stats are staggering: the world is not just overweight, but obese. And childhood obesity is getting worse every day. Mike has some tips that will help.

Do you think Mike enjoys almonds? You be the judge. Go Nuts!

Many experts believe that certain foods may help you live longer, healthier lives. They call them Super Foods, and Mike has been eating them for years. Have you?

Mike demonstrates an easy way to remove the skin from garlic, as well as discusses the nutritional value of this versatile member of the onion family.

Mike demonstrates his split-personality helping you decide what choices are healthy and what are not so healthy

Useful, proven methods that work. Mike lowered his LDL and raised his HDL this way. Remember: check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

This is what I eat most days. It is full of fiber and low on calories. It even has over 50.0 grams of protien. And you will lose weight!

Mike takes off his shirt to show his weight loss, and encourage you to visit his website so you can lose weight too.

Mike demonstrates a fast and efficient way to improve oral hygiene by flossing every day.

Mike offers several entertaining and successful ways for you to enjoy a more relaxing, stress-free lifestyle.

Great tips on how to lose weight fast using proven methods. Mike lost 40 lbs in six months this way.

Don’t just eat the right amounts of foods, eat the right foods. Make every calorie count.

While extolling the benefits of a high-fiber diet, Mike runs into some issues. Laugh, fart, and enjoy!

Mike extols the amazing health benefits of drinking green teas, rooibos teas, and yerba matte. Drink green tea everyday to live longer, fight cancer, lower cholesterol, and lose weight. Yup, really…peace.

Mike talks about the benefits of a high fiber diet. Hey, he recently lost 40 pounds in 6 months with this diet.

Mike talks about the amazing health benefits of eating almonds every day. Loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and vegetarian protein, almonds will help you live a longer, better live…and they taste great too.

Have you ever tasted jicama? Have you even heard of it? Watch and learn about this high-fiber, versatile, and delicious vegetable.

Mike takes a walk and talks about the importance of exercising everyday. Besides eating the right foods and the right amounts, one of the best ways to ensure a long, happy, healthy life is through exercise.

Mike tells you how easy it is to drop those last ten pounds…in only one month! And you will not be hungry. The key is fiber, and the magic number: 3500.

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