Egg Recipes

Mike eats eggs for their lean protein and amazing versatility.  Check out these recipes and enjoy eggs without guilt.

Free range eggs, corn tortilla, salsa, jalapeno and cheese, this baby is fast, simple and easy…oh, and delicious…please enjoy this on mother’s day as an extension of cinco de mayo…peace.

What came first the chicken or the egg? In Mike’s 100th killer recipe, looks like they both brought the flavor! Fast, simple and easy, the sandwich is made with free range chicken and eggs, provolone and Havarti cheese, tucked in a toasted and buttered bun.

Happy Easter! Mike’s latest killer recipe is loaded with organic asparagus, snap peas, black olives, Shitake mushrooms, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, and basil and topped off with jack and cheddar cheese. Perfect Easter breakfast, this recipe rocks.

Simple and easy to make, this fried egg quesadilla is made with shredded jack and cheddar cheese, low carb tortillas, and two perfectly fried free range eggs. Delicious…peace.

Mike welcomes Spring in with this fast and delicious scramble. Made with three free range eggs, leftover broccoli and artichoke hearts, and some chopped black olives. Topped off with shredded Mozzarella cheese, and this baby rocks.

Fun recipe, Mike drops an egg into a potato and bakes it. Add salt, pepper and olive oil and this baby is tasty and a blast. Peace…

Mike’s perfect Omelette video just surpassed one million views and he thanks all his viewers. He also addresses all controversies with how it was prepared and makes another one…is it perfect? You be the judge…peace.

Fast, simple and easy, this recipe is delicious and fun. Mike nukes a potato, adds butter, salt and pepper and two soft boiled eggs. It’s that easy.

Mike’s latest perfect egg video is delicious and simple to make. Two free range eggs, some melted butter, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper – it’s that easy! Try this today and let Mike know what you think.

Mike makes a killer fried egg sandwich with cheese…in a bun made from a baked potato. Crazy but gluten free and loaded with flavor…and carbs. Have fun and enjoy.

Leftovers from Thanksgiving. Mike whips up a killer hash made with free range turkey, cauliflower, garlic, onions, broccoli, celery, and one egg. This baby is delicious, low carb, loaded with lean protein and healthy for you.

Enjoy Mike’s take on this traditional Mexican breakfast made with leftover tortillas…migas! Loaded with flavor and made with scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, salsa, garlic and onions, chopped hot pepper and served with a wedge of lime, chopped cilantro, Greek yogurt and salsa.

Fun and fast way to get tons of healthy protein and omegas, Mike shows how easy it is to cook an egg in an avocado.

Mike’s latest killer egg sandwich recipe is simple. Made with one onion, two free range eggs, sourdough toast and butter. That’s it! Delicious and pretty healthy for you, try this baby out and let him know how it tastes.

Mike’s latest killer and egg recipe is fast, simple and easy way to enjoy leftover pasta. Made with elbow macaroni, scrambled eggs and Parmesan cheese, this baby rocks!

One of Mike’s best killer egg recipes yet, this baby is loaded with flavor and healthy benefits. Made with organic tomatoes, avocado and black olives, free range eggs and seasoned with chopped garlic, black pepper, cumin, turmeric, and basil.

Mike’s craziest killer egg recipe yet! Simple and delicious, a fried egg and non-sugar and non-sodium peanut butter served on a toasted bun. Check it out and let him know what you think.

Mike’s latest killer recipe is fast, simple and easy egg and soft boiled tomato sandwich. Served on toasted sourdough bread, infused with fresh garlic and butter, this sandwich is refreshing on a summer’s day

Mike’s latest killer sandwich is loaded with flavor and tofurkey sausage. Made with a farm fresh fried egg, a potato crisp, cheese and served on a toasted and buttered English Muffin, this baby is fast, simple, easy and delicious.

Mike’s latest killer sandwich is loaded with flavor, served on toasted sourdough bread, it is made with free range eggs, chopped artichoke hearts, black beans and black olive, jalapeno cheese, with some diced daikon added in for crunch and flavor. Seasoned with cumin, turmeric, garlic powder, dill, smoked paprika, and black pepper, this baby rocks. Try it today.

Mike’s latest killer sandwich is made with soft boiled eggs and avocado, a slice of jalapeno cheese and tomato, seasoned with Dijon mustard, black pepper, dill, garlic powder, smoked paprika and olive oil. Served on a toasted whole grain bread, this baby rocks. Try one today…peace,

Mike’s latest perfect egg video is simple and easy. Soft boiled eggs only take six minutes, versus twelve for hard boiled. The difference is taste and time…check em out and enjoy.

Let’s celebrate this milestone, over one million views, with another killer fried egg sandwich. Mike is stoked and thanks all of you for your continued support and hunger for killer recipes. Peace…

Fast, simple and easy, this is comfort food at its best. A grilled cheese sandwich with two fried eggs inside. Cheddar cheese and sour dough bread, some butter and eggs and you have yourself a killer diller treat.

Mike’s latest killer sandwich is a hard boiled egg, provolone cheese, radicchio and spinach, seasoned with olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper, cumin, turmeric, dill, with mayo and mustard, served up on a toasted sour dough bread. This baby is killer diller and delicious…try one!

Caliente! These eggs are hot, so hot and spicy, loaded with Jalapeno peppers, Hatch chilies, Habanero pepper sauce, red pepper flakes, curry, chili flakes, black and green olives, garlic and onions, chopped tomatoes, black pepper, diced avocado, jack and cheddar…and the killer heat source: ghost pepper and Serrano pepper salsa. Hot, spicy, killer diller!

Mike makes one of his favorite breakfasts to start the day: two perfect fried eggs, killer home fried potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, red chili flakes, basil, and topped with melted cheese. Check this one out, it is killer diller delicious…peace.

Mike’s latest killer recipe is also a perfect egg sandwich. Made with amazing spices like cumin, turmeric, basil, garlic powder and pepper, and topped with cheddar cheese, this baby is served up on a toasted kaiser roll and is killer diller. Easy and fast to make, one of his most delicious sandwiches yet.

Mike’s latest perfect egg recipe is also killer and fun! Call it egg in the hole or toad in the hole, this is fast, simple, and easy to make and tastes awesome. Try one today!

Mike’s newest Killer sandwich recipe is loaded with protein and flavor. Made with a fried egg, garlic and onions, chopped tomatoes and dressed with arugula and olive oil, and served on a garlic infused English muffin, this baby rocks. Try one today…peace,

Mike newest killer recipe is a holiday special! Killer Christmas breakfast featuring sauteed mushrooms, garlic, onion, kale, chopped tomatoes, topped with parm cheese and served up with a fried egg. This recipe is festive in color and awesome in taste. Peace, and happy holidays from livelife365!

Mike eats eggs a few times a week. Why? Besides tasting great, eggs are loaded with B12, vitamin A and E, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. They help you lose weight and can prevent breast cancer. An amazing source of lean protein, eggs are one of the healthiest, yet misunderstood, foods on the planet.

Another perfect egg recipe, Mike makes simple and easy deviled eggs with mayonnaise, mustard, sweet relish, pepper and paprika. Oh, and hard boiled eggs. Tasted amazing.

Mike’s latest killer recipe is delicious home fried potatoes! Made from sauteed onion and garlic, red, golden and russet potatoes, olive oil, peppers, and seasonings, finished off with a scrambled egg, this recipe is truly killer. Try it, you will love it…peace.

Another amazing killer recipe, Mike makes a vegetarian breakfast pizza. Made with soy fake bacon, eggs, cheese, fresh tomatoes, baked on a pizza dough, this breakfast pizza will start your day in killer diller fashion. Check it out and give it a try.

Mike makes another perfect egg sandwich. This one inspired by his Italian heritage, made with whole grain bread, an egg fried in olive oil, garlic powder and oregano seasonings, fresh tomato and basil, with melted provolone cheese. This sandwich is killer and awesome…try one today…peace.

Mike’s craziest recipe yet! Beer and eggs? Yup, check it out – made with IPA beer, salt, pepper and some grated Parmesan cheese, this killer breakfast is fun and tasty.

Mike’s latest killer sandwich recipe is awesome, delicious, fast, simple and easy to make. Fresh hummus, dill pickle, garden lettuce, olive oil, seasoned with coriander, cumin, salt and pepper, all on a kaiser roll, this sandwich rocks. Try one today…peace,

Another perfect egg video, Mike demonstrates how fast, simple, and easy it is to make a perfect sunny side up fried egg. It’s all in his basting method.

Simple and easy, Mike’s latest fried egg vid is a delicious burrito. Loaded with farmer’s market tomatoes, grated Monterrey Jack cheese, on a whole wheat tortilla, this recipe rocks. Try one today.

Mike’s take on the egg McMuffin, using Tofurky, eggs, cheddar cheese on an English muffin, this killer egg recipe rocks! Try one today…peace.

Mike serves up another killer sandwich recipe. Today it’s scrambled eggs, loaded with cheese, soy sausage, peppers, tomato, avocado, onion, garlic and spices. This baby is a tasty mess, one of his best – check it out!

Another perfect egg video, this time Mike shows how simple and easy it is to make perfect poached eggs. All you need is fresh eggs, water, and patience.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Mike kicks up breakfast with this spicy buritto: scrambled eggs, cheese, jalapenos, onion, garlic, cilantro, avocado, tomato. This Mexican treat is killer!

Another edition of Mike’s perfect egg videos. How to make a perfect three egg omelette with cheese. Fast, simple, and easy…it is also tasty and loaded with good ingredients.

Just in time for Easter, Mike shows how easy it is to make the perfect hard boiled egg. All you need are eggs, a pot, water, and a lid.

Mike demonstrates the best way to fry a perfect egg. Sunny side up, over, soft, medium, or well.

Fast and easy, Mike shows how to make perfect and delicious scrambled eggs. Healthy and simple way to start your day.

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