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going gluten free…

…why not?

or better put: Why?

just read this great book:

wheat belly









and visit his blog:

you will understand why i am trying to reduce and hopefully eliminate all wheat from my diet…

recipes like my latest will help you forget and deal with the loss of:

  • pizza
  • bread
  • pasta
  • baked goods
  • flour tortillas
  • crackers

when you visit your local grocery you will notice that most aisles are loaded with all of the above and wheat…

giving you an idea of what you are up against…


this vid should help…


and please enjoy these other recent videos…




until next time…





what are you reading?

a good book, i hope

i read a lot

every day


and love it

been reading for as long as i can remember


because reading is not only the best hobby in the world

it also educates and keeps the mind sharp

it embraces my auto-didactic lifestyle

and makes me happy

all good stuff that also helps me…


please enjoy my latest what are you reading video:

and these other reading vids…



until next time…





rain or rainbow?

my latest walking and talking video is all about the positive vibe…

what do you see when storm clouds approach?

the onset of another shitty day…

or the possibility of a brilliant one?

do you see the rain or the rainbow?

it’s all about keeping it positive…

in an often times negative world…

please enjoy more of my walk and talk vids…

and my other self help videos…

until next time…



Focus: Tune In; Tune Out

why is it important to focus?

to tune in…

and tune out…


life comes at us a warp speed…

with lots of curves and angles…

what better why to deal with it all than to work on…

  • focus
  • tuning into what is at hand
  • tuning out everything else
  • dealing
  • comping
  • succeeding
  • oh yeah

focus is one of the greatest tools that we can utilize

and it is all free…just free your mind…

and watch this helpful video…


i hope this vid helps…


until next time…






whattup tuesday?

what are your thoughts about today?

me?  meh…blah…eeh

tuesday is that day that we attempt to pull out of the ennui of monday

but it is still far from the oasis of friday


or am i wrong?

do i need to take a self eval?

understand what all these workdays really mean?


all days, be they work or play…

are the days of our lives…

no, not the soap

but the actual days of our lives…

and should be embraced and lived to their fullest

these vids may help explain all of the above more


think about it..